I Am Not My Hair

To say it is hot would be a gross understatement.  I mean WOW.  I´m not really sure how to describe it.  But the point is that I am sooooo glad that I don´t have to worry about my hair!!!  (hand clap & shout!)

¨What am I going to do with my hair?¨ has to be one of the top five questions, maybe even top three (depends on how you usually wear it) that black women ask themselves before going on a trip.  It can be a crucial factor in your level of enjoyment on the trip.  Having natural hair that never looks the same from one day to the next, I really didn´t want to have to concern myself daily on what I was going to do with it, ESPECIALLY in this heat and humidity.  Oh, and not to mention the number of products I would have needed to bring.  It makes my head spin just thinking about it. 

I love my twists!  I can just get up and go.  The only thing I´m worried about is how I´m going to spend my day.


3 thoughts on “I Am Not My Hair

  1. So true! It is great that you were able to find a solution to what otherwise could have really distracted you from this amazing experience. You are certainly not your hair and putting your energy in what you do with your day as opposed to your tresses is certainly worth a huge sigh of relief…ahhhhh!

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