You Think You Know (how to speak Spanish)…

…but you have no idea (don’t know jack diddly squat). 

This is how I felt the moment I stepped foot in Panama.  So much Español everywhere around me, it was a bit overwhelming.  I signed up for immersion and that is exactly what I got.  However, as soon as the next day, I started to settle in and feel more comfortable.  The great thing is, I know more than I gave myself credit for the first day.  The first day was filled with lots of listening and nodding, and an occasionally ´Si, si´or sound effect.  I almost started to convince myself that talking is overrated, and you can have just as meaningful conversations if you only listen and don´t contribute, lol. 

That didn´t last for long.  The main thing that I am keeping in mind is to be patient with myself.  And realize that sometimes I will sound like a 5 year old, and that´s okay. 

Each day is getting better than the previous, and I know that when I am listening, I understand and when I am speaking, I am being understood.  I´m even starting to think in Spanglish!


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