The Ants Go Marching 1 x 1…

Where do I begin?  There are ants…everywhere.  You would be hard pressed to go someplace in Panama City and not see any.  And don´t try to get rid of them, it´s basically impossible.  This is random, but have you ever walked into a place and it smells…yet EVERYONE is acting like it´s all good???  This is the case with the ants.  It´s just a fact of life here.  And for the past couple of weeks I´ve been able to deal with them.  We have an agreement – they don´t mess with me and I don´t mess with them. 

The house that I am staying at keeps the balcony doors and windows open all day and night, so it is to be expected that some insects, etc. may enter.  But yesterday, they were crawling all around my bowl of sugar. 

No me gusta.

(Photo: One Ordinary Day, wordpress blog)


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