How I´m Living

I currently live in the El Cangrejo area of Panama City, also known as the banking area.  I am about a 10-minute walk from my school and there are tons of restaurants nearby.  Cabs are also plentiful in this area.  I live with 2 ladies.  For the purpose of this story, we will call them:

España – the owner of the home

Panameña – the Panamanian lady that is renting a room from Espana

Sonrisa – the housekeeper

España is the cutest little grandmother.  She is about as tall as my chest and walks around in crocs with a cart filled with the channel selector for the the tv, her cell and house phones, and some magazines.  She is originally from Spain, but has been living in Panama for a few decades.

Panameña is a quiet Panamanian lady who is renting a room from España.  I still haven’t figured out the story surrounding how she came to live there.  I would guess she is in her late 30s or so.  Similar to Espana, she speaks Spanish really fast and no English.

Sonrisa (smile) is the Panamanian housekeeper who comes Monday through Friday to help cook and clean around the house.  I love Sonrisa!  She is very upbeat and pleasant, and overall just a great person.  Sonrisa is also the only person that speaks any English.  Although España doesn’t like for us to speak English in the house (to help with my learning), this has been such a lifesaver for me.


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