Interesting and Random Tidbits: Panama Vol. 1

  • Mail is very different over here.  There is no mailman that comes around daily to drop off bills, letters, etc.  Rent, utilities, etc. are delivered to your door.  If you expect to receive other items by mail, most people will rent a post office box (apartado postal).  This is ideal because street signs are not a given here.  In addition, the actual address numbers on a street may or may not be in sequential order.
  • According to one of my teachers, it is very common for Panamanians to have a cuentas de ahorros de Navidad (Christmas savings account).  From January 1 to December 1, people can put aside money for each check for the Christmas holiday.
  • Shorts, for men, are usually an indicator of your tourist status (especially if worn during the week).  Shorts, for women, don’t necessarily pinpoint you as a tourist…but they don’t seem to be very common attire.  This may be because I live in the banking area.  If worn, you will most likely receive a lot of attention.

2 thoughts on “Interesting and Random Tidbits: Panama Vol. 1

  1. It seems that wearing shorts in many parts of the world is a dead give away that your a tourist. Didn’t expect Panama to be on that list.

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