Isla Taboga

A few weeks ago, me and my new friend (who also happens to be a FAMU ALUM!), took a day trip to Isla Taboga.  Just a short 45 minute ferry ride away, Isla Taboga is a great weekend getaway for all of the city dwellers.

The ferry departs from Amador Causeway at set times each day.  You purchase your round trip prior to departure.

My first couple of glimpses of the island.

First up was a walk around town.

Then, shrimp criolla con patacones y ensalada for lunch at Mundias.  Yummy!

And last, but not least, a little R&R on the beach.  I definitely recommend renting at least an umbrella (chairs are also available for an additional fee).  Amazingly enough, it seemed like we were the only tourists there.  Due to its affordability and proximity to Panama City, this is a must see for any visitor or resident.


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