Interesting and Random Tidbits: Panama Vol. 2

  • Unless you have a head full of grey hair and walk with a cane, you will be referred to as ‘Joven’ at some point in time.  ‘Joven’ translates to young person.  It’s most often used to get someone’s attention.
  • Panama has an extremely diverse population, just about everyone is represented here.
  • Fresh food.  I love the fact that everyone has access to fresh fruit and vegetables, without a lot/if any chemicals.
  • The concept of a line is often completely disregarded here.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have been standing in line and someone just walks right to the front, even being so bold/rude/oblivious to talk over the person who is currently being helped.
  • Anything and everything can be found on Avenida Central, a main thoroughfare in Panama City.  The market stretches through Casco Viejo, Santa Ana, and Caledonia.  My experience has been that the best prices are here.

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