So Many Restaurants, So Little Time

Panama City has some great restaurants.  And lucky for me, a lot of them are concentrated in my neighborhood of El Cangrejo.  Below are some highlights:

Pomodoro’s – Okay, so I love this place!  It is an Italian restaurant attached to the Las Vegas Hotel.  They have a walk up take out, a cafe, a bar, and an indoor/outdoor space.  Excellent pizza and pasta (jumbo shrimp with spinach and fusilli pasta and alfredo sauce).

Prado – located on via Argentina.  Diner style.  This place has the absolute best batidos (milkshake with fresh fruit)!  I recommend blackberry.

Suzette’s Cafe – located on via Argentina.  Super cute crepe cafe.  Love their freshly made passionfruit juice.

Asados – located on via Argentina.  Super reasonable take-out or dine in.  I head here when I want a cheap, quick meal (about 2bucks for a chicken sandwich and soda combo).

Taco Laco – located on via Argentina.  I recommend their hard shell chicken tacos.  Sooo good!  I’m still trying to figure out how they fit all those toppings in there without breaking them.

Mrs. Mendozo – located on via Argentina.  Big fan of their happy hour (try the tamarindo or passionfruit margarita), not a big fan of their food.

Antigua – located in Casco Viejo.  Nice bar/lounge area and seating outside in the square.  Pics below of the pineapple shrimp fettuccine and chicken/shrimp stir-fry.

Casablanca – located in Casco Viejo.  Best shrimp caesar salad I’ve ever had.  Service is hit or miss.  Seating is available outside in the plaza here too.

Renee’s Cafe – located in Casco Viejo.  Lunch and dinner are pre-fixe menus and they change daily.  Serious bang for your buck here.  Only $8.50 for lunch which includes appetizers, meal, and dessert.

Manolo Caracol – located in Casco Viejo.  Pre-fixe menu is chosen daily by the chef.  Dinner is 9 courses.  Below are a few pics of the chef’s selections for the night we visited (the spicy chicken wontons in the first pic were my fav!).

New York Bagel Cafe – located next to the Cabeza de Einstein on via Argentina.  The main draw of this place for me was their free wifi, however, now they have new restrictions on it’s use (and it is not fast).  Breakfast is pretty good, the bagels are alright.

Greenhouse Restaurant – located on via Argentina.  Consistent, quality food.  I recommend the corvina ceviche (fried).

Machu Picchu – excellent Peruvian restaurant located in El Cangrejo.  Extensive menu with great seafood dishes.

Mi Ranchito – located on the Amador Causeway.  Excellent views of the Bay.  However, my meal here was awful.  We anticipated staying awhile to take in the view, however, after the disappointment that was our appetizer, we changed our minds (see below).

La Casa Vegetariana – located near Hotel Veneto, behind Manolo’s.  Super cheap (fifty cents per portion) vegetarian spot, also comes with tea and soup.

Trapiche – located on via Argentina.  Serves traditional Panamanian food.  My recommendation?  Chicken sandwich, served on hojaldras (what an ingenious idea, right?).  See below, with a side of patacones, yum!


3 thoughts on “So Many Restaurants, So Little Time

  1. June 2 is an awesome day to talk about food! Yum I’m glad I got to try all the different types of food. What was it called?

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