Imagine My Surprise…

When I turned to the Travel Channel to get my weekly dose of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, and this is who I saw…

Dhani Jones.

I couldn’t believe it.  Who was this?  And why have I never seen him before?  Apparently this show isn’t new, only new to me.  It’s called Dhani Tackles the Globe.  The set-up of the show is basically taking Dhani, a NFL linebacker, around the world to attempt various sports “exploring the way sports help to define culture.”

“Off the field, Dhani immerses himself fully in each city, getting the locals’ take on the best places to eat, drink, shop and sleep. Throughout his travels, Dhani finds the love of sports to be universal, providing common ground wherever he lands.”

It’s nice to see some color on the Travel Channel, in the form of a host, and not just in the various locales that are visited or discussed.  Check it out!

(image and excerpt via


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