The east coast in December is not exactly paradise, so my mom and I figured that would be a great time to get away on our girls trip.  We decided on a weeklong cruise to the southern Caribbean.  So we packed up our bags and headed to Puerto Rico.  I was super excited that the ship was departing from San Juan, since I’ve always wanted to check out the old town.

After an early wake up and day of traveling, we were wiped out by the time we arrived in San Juan.  When we got to the hotel, we found out that a pipe had busted the night before and they could not accommodate our reservation.  Lucky for us, they had already booked us another room at a nearby hotel.  And they comped us for the night and gave us a credit at their hotel store (let’s hear it for great customer service – woo!).

We decided on Plato’s for dinner.  Coconut sangria, tiger shrimp, and chicken mofongo – YUM!  Although a bit overpriced, I’ve been wanting to try mofongo, and Plato’s did not disappoint.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic, but it was HUGE…more than enough for us to share.


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