My First Korean BBQ


So, I’ve been wanting to try Korean BBQ for awhile now. Prior to last night, the most exposure I’ve had to Korean food has been the frozen Bibimbap bowls from Trader Joes. Lucky for me, I was able to snatch up a Groupon last week.

Last night, I met up with a friend to finally experience Korean cuisine at HoneyPig Restaurant. When we arrived, the place was packed — looked like a basement with loud club music, but I loved the vibe. After much thought, we decided on the bulgogi and the pork ribs. When we first sat down, they brought over a group of small bowls, with potatoes, salad, lettuce, veggies, and kimchi. This was actually my first time having kimchi *gasp* (I know).




After snacking on the apps for awhile, our waitress brought over the raw meat and set it on the grill, along with some rice on the side. Over the next twenty minutes, available servers would come over to check on the grill — flipping the meat and cutting it into smaller pieces. The bulgogi was my favorite. I’m definitely interested in trying out more Korean food…maybe next time I’ll be a bit more adventurous and give the spicy pork belly a shot. However, if you are looking for bells and whistles when it comes to service, I don’t recommend this place. Not a lot of chatting from the servers and as the meat cooks they throw it in your sauce bowl and pile your plate up (which is about the size of your palm).


Is anyone else a fan of Korean BBQ? What are your favorite dishes?


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