Library of Congress

This past year has been really busy for me — between juggling school and work, I don’t often have time for much else. But this summer, I made a commitment to experience more of DC’s “tourist attractions.”

With this in mind, I had been wanting to visit the Library of Congress and a few weeks ago I finally had the opportunity to go on a tour. While I don’t think a tour is necessary, you are able to hear facts that you otherwise would not learn during your visit (including the fact that the Library receives 25,000 pieces of mail a day!).

The Library of Congress was the first public electrified building in the District of Columbia.
Library of Congress

At seventy-five feet tall, the foyer is absolutely amazing.
Library of Congress - Foyer

Library of Congress - Foyer Statue

The miniature figures decorating the entry staircases, on both sides of the foyer, are called “putti.” The putti represent a large cross-section of professions, to demonstrate that everyone is welcome to study here.

I was so impressed with all of the detail everywhere. According to the tour, numerous proposals from artists were submitted and selected for the actual interior of the Library. Because of this, each section or area is its own work of art.

Library of Congress details

This is the type of place where each time you return, you see/learn something new. I will definitely be back.


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