So I’m becoming a coffee snob…

It’s official.

After finally taking care of all of my business at home, I headed cross country to be with my family for the holidays.  I woke up after the best sleep that I’ve had in a long time and headed for the coffee maker (as any addict would lol).  Happy that my mom had already brewed it, I prepared my cup and sat down to enjoy it…but something wasn’t right.  After deeming it as basically a glorified mug of hot tinted water, I realized the culprit.  Folgers.  And it was decaf (shocker, I know).

Over the years, I have become pickier and more finicky about the coffee that I drink.  But it was only until that exact moment that I realized I was a coffee snob.  It’s no secret among my friends and family that I love finding new cafes in search of the next best brew.  It’s somewhat of an addiction.  In my mind, there are few things more relaxing that sitting in a cafe, enjoying a latte and reading a new book or magazine or just getting lost in my own thoughts.

Which brings me to Artifact.  Despite living in the District, my boyfriend and I have a special place in our hearts for Baltimore and we often head there on the weekends to explore the city.  Ever since I read Andrea Pippin’s, of Fly, post on this cute cafe, it has been on the top of my list of places to try…and it did not disappoint.  A bit off the beaten path, Artifact’s decor is both rustic and home-y.  I was excited to find that they do both pour over and chemex brewed coffee, I’d been anxious to try both.


Deciding on the pour over and a honey macchiato, we found a table and settled in for the morning.  Both were enjoyable.  We didn’t order any food, but that looked pretty tasty as well.  I will definitely be back to try their day menu.

Artifact_cafe Artifact_coffee

What about you?  Any other coffee or tea snobs out there? 

What are some of your favorite cafes?


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