An Afternoon at the Hirschhorn

I’d been hearing a lot about the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Hirschhorn over the past few weeks, and decided to head over this past weekend to check it out.

On the ground floor of the museum is the Barbara Kruger exhibition, Belief + Doubt, which will be on view until 2014.  The moment you step on the escalator leading down, you are enveloped within the works of art…which are varied sized vinyl texts wrapped around the floor, walls, and ceiling.



Ai Weiwei: According to What?,  is mainly located on the outer corridor of the second floor.  The retrospective of the controversial Chinese artist tugged at my senses.  From the audio reciting the names of the thousands of schoolchildren killed in the Sichuan, China earthquake of 2008 to the uses of everyday materials to create new objects, it is a combination of photographs, sculptures, audio, and video.  The exhibition creates a rhythm that moves you from piece to piece, pleasantly surprised by the next work of art.  The central theme reigning throughout is “the value and place of the individual within society.”  A definite must see.

Ai Weiwei_According to What?

The work below was created from rubble of the Sichuan, China earthquake.  Each piece was manually

straightened and arranged.

Ai Weiwei_1

Freshwater pearls.

Ai Weiwei_2

Ai Weiwei_3

The tea houses below were made from actual loose leaf tea leaves.

Ai Weiwei_4

What do you think?  Have you been to any notable exhibitions lately?


4 thoughts on “An Afternoon at the Hirschhorn

  1. That’s my kind of showcase, you know the ones that make you really marvel at the design and materials used. I’m not a huge fan of traditional art showcased in museums and galleries, but these are great! Thanks for sharing, I think I’ll add this exhibit to my calendar for this weekend!

    • Great, hope you like it! Another one to add to your list that just opened yesterday is “On Common Ground” at the AMA. Excellent showcase of Haitian and Dominican artists. Thanks for stopping by Michaela!

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