Union Market DC

This weekend I met up with a friend for lunch at the newly restored Union Market in DC.  We both hadn’t been, so it was the perfect chance for us to catch up and explore together.

Union Market

Union Market reopened in September of last year, after much anticipation.  The market has been taking place at its current location for 81 years.  I was surprised to see that there were also a number of storefronts surrounding the building that appear to sell wholesale to businesses, but also included a produce shop and sandwich shop that I noticed lots of people bring over to the market (more on that in another post).

As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I stopped in Salt & Sundry to check out all of their kitchen goodies.  They had everything: from dishware, to various kinds of salts, to claw bottle openers.  After pouring over everything, I settled on some old-fashioned yellow grits to try out.

Union Market - Salt & Sundry 2

Now…what to eat?  There were so many options!  We couldn’t choose just one.  First we enjoyed some Korean inspired tacos at Takorean.  I got two of the bulgogi steak tacos and one carmelized tofu taco, all topped with spicy kimchi slaw, lime crema, siracha, cilantro, and sesame seeds.

Union Market - Takorean

And for dessert, we each got a scoop of pistachio ice cream at Trickling Springs Creamery.  The meal was delicious, from start to finish.

Then I saw this ↓↓↓!

Union Market - Cauliflower

Purple, orange, AND green cauliflower!  Am I late to the party on this???  I thought that all cauliflower was white.  The DM of the of the shop let us know that they each taste like the “regular” cauliflower that we are used to and she prefers to broil and make a colorful mash out of them…something I will have to give a try soon.

I can’t wait to go back.  Next on the list is picking up fresh produce from the CSA share at Bear’s Honeypot.  You don’t have to have a contract, but get to decide weekly when you would like to purchase.  How perfect is that?  And I can’t forget Buffalo & Bergen.  I was so stuffed I could not have eaten another thing on this trip, but I will be trying to their freshly-made and old-fashioned sodas and drinks next go-around.

What is your favorite local market?


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