April Beauty Buys

April Beauty Buys

I’ve been sitting on a Sephora gift card I received from a friend for awhile now.  And this Friday, I finally decided to put it to good use.  I usually don’t go into Sephora without a specific mission, because just like Whole Foods and Target, you will walk out spending way more than you planned.

Illamasqua.  Fell in love with this speckled nail polish as soon as I saw it.  I normally wouldn’t buy a $16 nail polish, but I like to treat myself to something new when using a gift card.  I tried on the tan, pink, and lilac.  The tan and pink didn’t really pop against my skin tone, but the lilac was perfect.  Just two coats and you’re good to go.

Dior.  Diorshow is my absolute favorite “luxury” mascara.  This trip I decided to finally make the plunge and try out some blue mascara.  Ideally, I was searching for navy blue, but soon realized that navy wouldn’t add the punch of color that I was looking for.  I also tried the Sephora and Make Up Forever brands, but I really couldn’t tell a difference on my dark lashes.  The Diorshow in royal blue was exactly what I was looking for.

Lancome.  As mentioned, I often walk out with things I didn’t intend to buy…and this was no exception.  The sales associate that was helping me was wearing the most beautiful shade of bright/purple lipstick, and while she couldn’t remember which brand it was, she did direct me to Lancome.  *cue bright lights and sparkles*  Introducing Violette Coquette.  First, the name?!  LOVE.  And it delivers.  I’m going to Puerto Rico this month and really wanted a rich bright color for the trip (and spring/summer, if it ever arrives).  The color itself is very rich, light, and feels moisturizing; but I always recommend using a lip moisturizer before any lipstick application regardless.

Sephora.  My go-to daily liner is jet black and liquid.  I have tried quite a few, but I always come back to Sephora.  For $12, I find that I get the most bang for my buck with this one.  And absolutely no smudging.  Love it.


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